Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Figure in the Dark
Theodore R. Miller

A lone dark figure stalks the streets
Those eerily quiet streets
His past a blank
His future uncertain
With only his goal in mind
The sounds of the night known to none but he
Off in the distance a dog lets loose with a cry of defense
The solitary streetlamps, each with its own domain
To keep at bay the oppressive darkness
His somber pace carries him along
Till he reaches the peak of a hill
The sea of lights before him
And raises his arms to sky as he cries:
“Alas, a sorry fate for mankind that none should look upon this glorious sight but I!”
As the stars watched silently, as though they were the gods…

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Life’s No Train Track


Iife really is no train train track

Its more like a back country road

Twisting turning

Many choices to choose from

Consdier yourself a pilot

On a plane

This plane being your life

With many places to land

Some may be good

Others may be bad

But only some will bring true happiness

Lifes not a highway

Which is straight and endless

Lifes not a river

Although some may consider it so

While others prefer that highway

Where everyone else will go

To the same sinking end

Of no signifigance

To those who ride the backroads

My salute to you is:

Let instinct be your guide

But logic stay your hand

Form making poor decsions

That lead to that one highway

Let your castles be of stone

And your path be of sand

On which you may go where you please

To a life of which will be great…

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Twas' Neath the Stars that this was written...

Moonlight King

A king on his mountain
O lonley is he
For his only army
Is the one that we see

Cancer and Virgo
Orion and Piscese
To name but a few
Aquirius and Gemini
Reside there to

For he is the moon
Shining brightly be he
As he rules over his subjects
Although they ultimately free

He in his castle
The inky dark sky
Territory endless
But his power is nigh’

As he floats through the
Sky, a never ending journey
That makes him cry

O why O why
Should life be so Cruel?
To see what one wants
And yet be denied
When the king is a beggar
In his own rule
To be To be that moonstruck fool…

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I find that writing poetry can be intruiging

Spacial Thought

A rend in the darkness
Chaos in motion
Light as it flows
Through a rend
A swirl of colours
They twist and turn
A rainbow of light
The chaos takes flight
Or does it?
A dark hole forms
In the hearts of men
Chaos flows into the
Endless vaccuum of their hearts
Or does it?
The endless thought
A bullwark for naught
Other than the chaos and light
A space of thought neutral in its might
Or is it?
The minds of men so easily swayed
Or are they?
Some maybe some not
A thought, A thought
In that endless vortex
Of swirling colours
That is the spacial thought…

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


More tombs in the cemetery, its one of the biggest in the U.S.
One town we rode through was Alexandria, its full of important buildings, its hard to get a good picture from the tour bus though...
This is the Arlington colisiem, it has great arcitecture, Gee Dubya spoke from that podium in the middle...
The tomb of the unknow soldier was a serious place, I almost tripped down the steps in front of it when I reached down to itch my chaffed foot :(

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dc part#2: Arlington cemetery and other Monuments

I got hooke on black and white pics while i was touring the memorials above is the airforce memorial, it had a great view of the Pentagon...
This was one of my favorite persepctives...
I thought these cranes looked like dinosaurs, iron dinosaurs, they just kind spoke to me..
If you ever go to Arlington take b&w camera, its got some of the best views ever, just don't get flash happy, some of the locals don't like it...
I should have brought the holga, it would have proved a useful aset...